Sunday, May 20, 2012

#STC12 Takes a Field Trip to Second City in Chicago

Tonight, a bunch of us Technical Communications types gathered for an evening of networking, connection, food, and fun. Here's a little bit of how it went.

First we got a ride on the bus. Good time to check out the surrounding area and the beautiful Chicago skyline.

From the bus, we could see the Chicago skyline 

I will call it "The Sears Tower" forever. 
Before we knew it, we were there. The bus driver let us off at the door. Thanks, man.
Second City location 
Then we split up into groups for dinner. My group went to Kamehachi. What a great place. Best sushi I can remember.
The STC crew at Kamehachi Japanese restaurant 
And the food is beautiful, as well as photogenic. See?
Miso starts the meal  
Unbelievably delicious sushi 
Delicious and photogenic sushi 
The mackerel sashimi comes in its own little house 
Some of us had room for dessert 
After dinner, it was a short walk to the theatre. Here's a group shot of us.
The STC Crew at the Second City show 
And a shot of their menu. More drinks. More food. More fun.
Even the menu was funny 
A few words about Second City: the show is the best of its kind. It is no wonder that this organization is so famous for cradling and nurturing the finest comedians on the planet. The material was funny, topical, fresh. The players were engaging, funny, and cute as buttons. The whole thing was fabulous.

In fact the whole evening was fabulous, made all the more wonderful by the fact that I got to hang out with my Tech Comm colleagues.

Thanks so much to Linda Kelley, Paula Ludmann @pludmann , and Linda Jansak @ljansak for putting the thing together.

And a shout out to Betsy Maaks for being just as great in person as she is online.

Now it's late and I'm "on" tomorrow morning at the Leadership event. Come see me if you can.


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