Saturday, March 8, 2008

Come Dance Zydeco

Keith Dill is a fast, efficient, and good record producer. While we were visiting family in South Carolina this week, his father gave him a Boss BR 1180, "World's easiest digital recorder," still not easy. The others must be wickedly difficult.

Anyway, Keith learned quickly how to use the thing and produced a usable version of a song I wrote. You can download the song from Check it out.

Here are the words, sing along...

Come Dance Zydeco
Written by Viqui Dill
Published by CompassMom Productions (BMI) ©2002

Well the girls in the city got a lot of fine shoes
But they don't got a thing on me
While they're sitting in traffic and cryin' the blues
I am goin' to a big party
It's out under the stars on the banks of the bayou
Where they've play the zydeco sound
Instead of sittin' in traffic, we're makin' such a racket
Every evening when the sun goes down

They got a fiddle in the cajun band
And we go dancin' to it hand in hand
Moonlight as bright as day
Just hear that squeeze box play
City worries getting out of hand
Give them all to the cajun band
They got the salt for your snap beans, Joe
Come dance zydeco

Verse 2
Well the girls in the city drive a lot of fast cars
But it don't mean a thing on me
'Cause I got the moon and I got the stars
Underneath a big live oak tree
Now we don't talk pretty and we don't talk smooth
But we mean every word that we say
There's no reason to hide what we feel inside
When the cajun band starts to play

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cheese toast with mustard and strawberry preserves

Cheese toast with mustard and strawberry preserves. I didn't think I would like it but it's delicious.

This week, I spent Spring Break with family in Lexington, SC. On Tuesday, my mother-in-law offered to fix me breakfast. "What do you want?" she asked me.

"Whatever you're having," I said.

So she fixed several pieces of toast with melted cheddar cheese. Then she sprinkled mustard on the melted cheese. Interesting, I think.

Then something hideously wonderful happened. She put a big dollup of strawberry jelly on the mustard and mixed them together, spreading the mixture evenly over the melted cheese. Mustard with strawberries over cheddar. Hideously wonderful.

I ate 3 slices. Try it sometime.