Saturday, February 28, 2009

Leading Worship Twice in One Day

This week at Emmaus Church in Berryville, VA, our regular worship leader has a gig leading worship with his band, Stereoreel at Cornerstone Church in Huntsburg, OH. So while Caleb is away, the Dills will play. We played at two different worship experiences; the eleven o'clock main worship service, and the 5:30 pm youth worship service. Here's what we did:

11:00 Service
♥ Opening song ♥
Working on a Dream (D)
– Bruce Springsteen

♥ Worship set: ♥
Where He Leads Me (A)
- Ernest Blandy and John Norris - Public Domain
How Great Is Our God (E)
- Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, and Jesse Reeves CCLI #4348399
How Great Thou Art (E)
- Stuart K. Hine CCLI # 14181
Cannons (A)
- Phil Wickham

♥ Offeratory ♥
Down to the River to Pray (E)
- Public Domain

♥ Closing Song ♥
Where He Leads Me (A)
- Ernest Blandy and John Norris - Public Domain

This morning's worship team (in alphabetical order):
Acoustic Guitar - Viqui Dill (also vocals)
Bass - Erin Gum (also vocals)
Drums - Keith Dill (also vocals)
Electric Guitar - Josh Curtis (also vocals)
Sound - Heather Hackworth
Tech - Cody Hackworth
Vocals - Diane Gum (also Tech)

How it went: Awesome! We had folks performing rolls they were not used to and it still went great.

We snuck in 2 songs that had airplay on non-religious radio, namely Bruce Springsteen's Working on a Dream and Oh Brother Where Art Thou's Down to the River to Pray.

Josh actually sang; he sang bass on Down to the River, much to the delight of our congregation. Erin walked the bass like a pro on Where He Leads. Keith, who can do anything well, played drums instead of his usual lead guitar or fiddle. Viqui doesn't lead every week, and had a few moments of leading us in some kind of strange direction, but folks were forgiving and willing followers. The beautiful blend of the mother/daughter vocals that we hear with Diane and Erin is matchless, miraculous even. Thanks to all.

5:30 pm Youth Worship Service
♥ Worship set: ♥
I’ll Be There for You (A)
- The Rembrandts, Theme from the Friends tv show
God of Wonders (A)
- Marc Byrd and Steve Hindalong CCLI # 3118757
Cannons (A)
- Phil Wickham

This afternoon's worship team (in alphabetical order):
Acoustic Guitar - Tyler Rogers
Acoustic Guitar - Viqui (also vocals)
Tech - Diane Gum

How it went: Awesome again! Many of the kids, the older ones, did know the Friends theme, but many of them did not. I'm going to have to find another song and I'm looking for candidates. Everyone knew God of Wonders and we really belted out Cannons. All 3 songs fit the theme, which is the kick off of our Gospel Journey Maui program.

I think the 11 o'clock service would be better if we learned from the 5:30 crew and played fun games during the service.

Thank you to everyone who frolicked with me!

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