Thursday, May 24, 2012

#STC12 Day Three - Tutorial Pacing Session

Yikes! It's Monday and Monday is THE BIG DAY! 

I told my boss if he would pay expenses, I would wear my American Woodmark gear at the Summit. So I pull out my shirt and it's wrinkly. Not so wrinkly that I would just wear it as-is if this were any regular day but it's Monday and Monday is THE BIG DAY! Therefore, I show off some of my crazy good domestic skillz, as shown below. 
This an iron. I still remember how to use it.
The presentation (my presentation as part of the Education Progression) is in the same room where we had the Leadership Program yesterday. And just in case I might need reassurance, STC has posted signs outside each door. Looks like I found the right place.
Education Progression, we have found our spot. 
Yesterday at the Education Progression, I ran my battery low and had to plug in. So today, I arrived early to snag a table beside one of the few available outlets in the room.

Power outlet and my handy white extension cord, ready for duty. 
Just as an aside, I have to say that power was a bit of an issue at #STC12. Seems like lots of folks were scouting out a source for electric juice during this Summit. Being an early bird, I had good luck with finding power when I needed it.

The presentation went well for a first timer. Many things I would have done differently but nothing I was ashamed of. Don't forget to submit your Summit Speaker Evaluation. I'm Viqui Dill and the session is called "Tutorial Pacing".

Proceedings on the STC Summit website at 

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Unknown said...

You've shown that attending conferences is a great way to develop useful skills. Like scouting out power outlets, and like ironing with one hand while taking pictures with the other. :-)

Viqui Dill said...

LOL. Now that's funny. Thanks for reading and responding.