Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#STC12 Day Five - The Road Back Home

Our last day of #STC12 was Wednesday, May 23rd. We are tired, our brains are overloaded, but still we are not ready for the Summit to end. Irony.

My suitcases stand ready. Took a little bit of wrestling, but I got everything in.

Score: Viqui 2 - Luggage 0. I win the wrestling match! 

The closing luncheon gives us all one last chance to hang out with the STC folks.
Alan Hauser, Carolyn Klinger, Mary Saunders, and me

The Strangest Thing at the Summit award goes to the television screens built in to the bathroom mirrors at the Hyatt. So very strange, I just had to grab a photo.
Televisions over the sinks in the Women's Room at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare. Seriously. 

The Take-One-For-The-Team award goes to Lorie Meyer, pictured here with the über talented Rich Maggiani. Lorie will have to tell the story herself, but as I understand it, she sustained a bone break during the Honors Banquet without leaving the field of battle. Go Lorie!   
Lorie Meyer and Rich Maggiani. Lorie is the one with her arm in a sling. 

Love these mobile boarding passes. Very convenient. And good for the environment, too. Kudos, United!
Mobile Boarding Pass screenshot from my iPhone. Looks like I need a charge, too. 

This is the photo I texted home to let the DillMen know I had boarded. We like photos at my house more than reading. My new friend in the seat beside me took this picture. Thanks, Mr. Stranger, man.
I got a window seat.  

Here we are at the gate, waiting to take off from O'Hare. I am sitting close to the tail.
Tarmac at O'Hare 

Very soon, we were underway. This is a shot out the window (I got a window seat, see above) of the John Hancock building and Lake Michigan.
John Hancock Building, as seen from Seat 32A

So as my excellent #STC12 Adventure draws to a close, I look forward to expense reports, jet lag, photo uploading, and being hideously behind at work. It has been all worth it. 

I learned so much. I saw so much. I shared so much. 

And now I look forward to #STC13!

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